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GENERIC PENLAC®: Ciclopirox Topical Solution (sye kloe PEER ox)


Along with regular nail trimming, Penlac topical solution is used to treat fingernail and toenail fungus. Ciclopirox is in the antifungal class of medications. It works to stop the growth of nail fungus.


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To use Penlac topical solution, follow these steps:

  • Trim your nails carefully before your first application.

  • Use the applicator brush which is attached to the bottle cap to apply Penlac evenly to all affected nails. Apply the solution to the underside of the nail and also to the skin beneath.

  • Wipe off the bottle cap and the neck of the applicator. Screw the cap tightly on the bottle.

  • Let the solution dry on your nail(s) for about 30 seconds before you putting on socks or stockings.

  • Do not take a shower or bath and do not swim for at least 8 hours after applying Penlac solution.

  • For the next dose, apply Penlac over the medication that is already on your nails.

  • Remove all the Penlac from your nail(s) once a week. Use a cotton ball or tissue soaked with rubbing alcohol. Then remove as much of the damaged nail(s) as you can using nail clippers, scissors, or nail files. Your doctor should also trim your nails once each month for the duration of your treatment.

Penlac is usually applied once a day. To help you remember, apply it around the same time every day, usually at bedtime.

Carefully follow the directions on your prescription label. Ask your physician or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Use Penlac exactly as directed. Do not use more or less or use more often than prescribed by your physician.


Penlac is used to improve the condition of toe nails or finger nails. However, it may not completely cure nail fungus. It may take six months or longer before you notice that your nails have improved. Continue to use Penlac daily as directed, even if you do not see an improvement. Do not stop using Penlac without talking to your physician.

Be careful not to get the Penlac solution on any other areas of your skin or parts of your body, especially in or near your nose, eyes, mouth, or vagina.

Do not use nail polish or any other nail cosmetic product on toenails or fingernails being treated with Penlac topical solution.

Penlac solution may catch fire. Do not use it near heat or an open flame, like a cigarette.


Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.


Tell your doctor if you are breast feeding.


Before using Penlac topical solution, tell your doctor:

  • if you are allergic to Penlac or any other medications
  • what other prescription and nonprescription medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbal products you take. Be sure to mention any of these:


    This information is intended only to supplement the judgment and expertise of your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare provider. It should not be seen as an indication that use of this drug is appropriate, effective or safe for you. Consult your physician or healthcare professional before you use this medication
    • inhaled steroids like:

      • beclomethasone (Beconase, Vancenase)
      • flunisolide (AeroBid)
      • budesonide (Pulmicort, Rhinocort)

    • mometasone (Nasonex)
    • fluticasone (Advair, Flonase, Flovent)
    • triamcinolone (Azmacort, Nasacort, Tri-Nasal)
    • oral medications to treat fungal infections like:

      • fluconazole (Diflucan)
      • ketoconazole (Nizoral)
      • itraconazole (Sporanox)
      • voriconazole (Vfend)
      • terbinafine (Lamisil)

    • steroid lotions, creams, or ointments like:

      • alclometasone (Aclovate)
      • clobetasol (Cormax, Temovate)
      • betamethasone (Betatrex, Alphatrex, Diprolene, others)
      • desonide (Tridesilon, DesOwen)
      • diflorasone (Psorcon, Maxiflor)
      • desoximetasone (Topicort)
      • fluocinolone (Synalar, DermaSmoothe)
      • flurandrenolide (Cordran)
      • fluocinonide (Lidex)
      • hydrocortisone (Westcort, Cortizone and others)
      • halcinonide (Halor)
      • mometasone (Elocon)
      • prednicarbate (Dermatop)
      • triamcinolone (Kenalog, Aristocort and others)

    • medications for seizures

    Your physician may need to change your doses or monitor you carefully for any side effects.

  • if you have or have ever had an organ transplant
  • if you have recently had chicken pox
  • if you have or have ever had:

    • any disease that affects your immune system like:

      • human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
      • acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
      • severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome (SCID)

    • cold sores
    • cancer
    • diabetes
    • itchy, flaky, or crusty skin
    • genital herpes (a sexually transmitted disease which causes painful blisters on the reproductive organs)
    • shingles (painful blisters which are caused by the chicken pox virus)
    • fungal infections on your skin like athlete's foot or ringworm (discolored, ring-shaped patches of blisters and scales on the hair, ski, or nails)
    • peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of the blood vessels in your arms, feet or legs which cause numbness, coldness or pain in that part of your body)
    • seizures

  • if you are pregnant, planning or trying to become pregnant, or if you are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking Penlac, call your physician.


Do not apply twice as much to make up for a missed dose. Rather, apply the missed dose as soon as you remember it. But if it is close to the time of your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular application.


Possible Penlac side effects. (Tell your doctor if the following symptom is severe or will not go away):

  • redness in the area where you applied Penlac

Uncommon but serious Penlac side effects (Call your doctor immediately):

  • burning, irritation, itching, swelling, blistering or oozing in the area where you applied Penlac
  • pain at the nail(s) or surrounding area where you applied Penlac
  • ingrown nail(s)
  • change in shape or discoloration of the nail(s)

Other Penlac topical solution side affects: Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems not listed above while using this medication.


Keep Penlac in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children. Store it at room temperature and away from excessive moisture and heat. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep the bottle of Penlac in the package it came in, away from light.

Discard any Penlac that is outdated or no longer needed. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for instructions on proper disposal.


Do not share your medication with anyone else.

Ask your pharmacist about refilling your prescription.


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